Living The New Australian Dream - Life On The Road

Living The New Australian Dream

‘The Australian Dream or Great Australian Dream is touted as being home 'ownership'. We think the 'New Australian Dream' is the freedom of travel and life on the road.

The Conversion

7 Years from concept to realisation we are now living our dream. Find out more about the creation of our home away from home


Though our journey has only just begun, check out some of the awesome places we've already been.

Photo Gallery

This country we are priveledged to call home is as amazing as it is vast. Just a few of the many photos snapped along the way
Most Aussies have the travel bug. We love our holidays exploring new places and so many of us have great memories of the ‘family road trip’ from when we were kids. Full time travel or even part time travelling in a caravan/campervan/motorhome has been the dream and realm of the retired and semi retired for many years. We think that for more and more Australians, this is ‘The New Australian Dream’.